AB Swithces & Isolators Of Various Capacities With & Without EB.

Compression Type Clamps & Connectors

On Grid Solar Inverters from Micromax Energy Ltd.(Microlyte), Fronius.

Off Grid Solar System Batteries From Exide & Micromax Energy ltd.

GI Mounting Structures

Compression Type Lugs

Solar Power Bank For Mobiles

Battery Operated Crimper

Battery Operated Crimper

Hydraulic Press Crimper

GI Adjustable Structures

132 kv & 33/11 kv Substation Equipments Range :

MC-4 Connectors

Branch Connectors

All Solar Accesories

Lightning Protection :


GI Mounting Structures

Off Grid Inverter

ESE Type Lightning Protection Devices.

PV - Terminal Box



Solar Panels

The Way How Lightning Protection System Protects Our Buildings & Structure

True Power Earthings & Lightning Protection System

With CPRI, NABL, Indian Air-Force, NSIC, UL, Indian OIL, ROHS, Salt Spray Test, PWD Rajasthan, MSME

Tested Certified & Approved.

Lightning Protector With Counter